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Mike Fournier’s Sonrise Construction of Tulsa only installs stained cedar decks or composite decks by EverGrain.   Our skilled carpenters have several decades of experience with deck construction.  We believe our customers are entitled to the best in deck quality for their outdoor living area.

Room additions can be economical if you want to stay in your current home and just want to make some improvements to custom tailor your home to fit your needs or desires. Room additions can be major projects, so it is important that you give consideration to the practical and financial aspects.

1) Identify the scope of the project; including all phases.  Plan your big picture goals and discuss your needs. Hire a remodeler that will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and be able to execute your vision; as that is paramount to your success. 2) Establish effective communication with your remodeler.  Do they answer questions...

Who doesn't like to spend a day painting a wall? Yes, we all know it can be messy, boring, and tiring. But it is pretty simple and most people can do it without tons of training. Corners, edges, and trim can be a bit tricky, but you can get the hang of it. Adding a new coat of paint can add style, and even add value to the home. Specialty painting is one way of making your house stand out.

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