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Custom Home Builder

We are a custom home builder.  We at Sonrise Construction prefer to be known exclusively as a "custom" home builder.  We want our customers to be able to work with us in making up to 100% of the choices for how they desire their home to be built.

We believe that there is certainly a market for spec homes, track homes, and the large mega-builder neighborhoods.  However, that is not for us.  If you own your own lot (or piece of land), you have just taken the first step with regard to having a custom home built.

Please don't think that a custom home means a million dollar mansion; that is far from the truth.  You can have an attractive custom home built for you for our minimum entry point of $250,000, just like you can if you want your dream home to be $2.5 million.  Custom means that YOU, the customer, select what goes into your home; and that you are not required by the builder to choose from his pre-approved list of colors, bricks, and size of bedroom.

As a custom home builder, Sonrise Construction has minimum standards that you must allow our subs to hold fast to - because our name will forever be attached to your home.  Since most customers move every 5 to7 years, the home will be standing for many decades after you have left.  Building a custom home gives you, the customer, the control that you need, and that you won't get if you are building a spec home, or a track home, or from a cartel's list of 5 favorite floor plans.

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