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When Sonrise Construction does a new or retrofit construction, we will conduct a review to record the details regarding the existing space, an evaluation of the client’s needs, wants, and preferences.  After that, we will assess the living space as it relates to the changes needed.

Designing for accessibility for persons who are aging in place, who have suffered trauma, or who have progressive disease generally is described as:  Universal, Adaptable, Accessible, and Visitable.

In the course of preparing your Aging in Place Remodeling project, Sonrise Construction will be made aware of some personal information and will work diligently to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  In order to accomplish a successful design for your home, such personal information is needed, and will necessitate a HIPAA release form.

Most of the 121,000,000 homes in the United States have been constructed without consideration for Universal Design or accessibility.  Universal Design refers to wide-ranging concepts intended to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to older people, and people with or without disabilities.

We are a custom home builder.  We at Sonrise Construction prefer to be known exclusively as a "custom" home builder.  We want our customers to be able to work with us in making up to 100% of the choices for how they desire their home to be built.

Mike Fournier's Sonrise Construction of Tulsa only installs stained cedar decks or composite decks by EverGrain.   Our skilled carpenters have several decades of experience with deck construction.  We believe our customers are entitled to the best in deck quality for their outdoor living area.

Room additions can be economical if you want to stay in your current home and just want to make some improvements to custom tailor your home to fit your needs or desires. Room additions can be major projects, so it is important that you give consideration to the practical and financial aspects.

Aging in place . . . so what is that about? It is a new building viewpoint that is geared toward designing homes and remodels in order to facilitate the aging population in staying in their homes as long as possible. It is even true for me (Mike Fournier), as I no longer want to have anything on the 2nd floor.

1) Identify the scope of the project; including all phases.  Plan your big picture goals and discuss your needs. Hire a remodeler that will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and be able to execute your vision; as that is paramount to your success. 2) Establish effective communication with your remodeler.  Do they answer questions...

Who doesn't like to spend a day painting a wall? Yes, we all know it can be messy, boring, and tiring. But it is pretty simple and most people can do it without tons of training. Corners, edges, and trim can be a bit tricky, but you can get the hang of it. Adding a new coat of paint can add style, and even add value to the home. Specialty painting is one way of making your house stand out.

Colonial homes are patterned after the homes built by America's first European settlers. The style dates back to the English building styles of medieval times. Consisting of a two story, square, or rectangular house with steep, gabled roofs, the colonial has a large central door, a central chimney and fireplace. The home's rooms are off of an interior hallway. Other house designs are based off this basic pattern and are still in demand today.

A cottage house can be defined as a dense house.  Dense is not a bad thing; it just means more individualized living areas.  You can still have a three bedroom, three bath house with a kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, and home office; it just will not take up your entire lot or your entire budget.

A contemporary house plan is distinctive.  While difficult to describe, they usually include irregular or unusual shapes, perhaps open floor plans, oversized windows.  Though they are not for everybody, they are a perfect fit for the right homeowner.  Contemporary house owners would not ever want to live in ranch style home.

Some would say that Victorian homes are the embodiment of excess. They are known for soaring spires, elaborate woodwork, unusual house plans. If you consider yourself to be practical, this may not be the style for you.  However, if you are ready for a house that will bring traffic down your street to admire its beauty, the amazing Victorian home style may a perfect fit.

Guest rooms are frequently ignored rooms in the house when the owner is considering a remodel.  Living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms get priorityit's true.  But if you plan to have overnight guestsespecially if it's frequentlyit's time to consider a remodel of your guest room.

Simplicity is the way a country house is frequently described. They are traditional, and usually symmetrical, but never showy or ostentatious. The brand new country home has the air of having been built long ago. Wood and chipped stone suggest a timeless feel. So, trendy home plans can be an enticement, but what you really may want is a simple country home.

Large exterior windows, low-pitched tiled, roof, and stucco or brick siding are characteristics of the Mediterranean house plan.  The Mediterranean design presents a striking appearance with its archways and verandas - marks that promote an air of extravagance without being excessive. The Mediterranean can be one-story or two-story, large or small, and can be customized for any budget. 

The saltbox style home plan came about when the early colonists needed more space for their growing families. Generally, the traditional Colonial style home was modified to include a one story addition onto the rear of the house. The roof was extended to cover the new addition. These new homes looked like the boxes the colonists used for storing their salt, and that’s how the name came about.

The reigns of England's four King Georges gave rise to the Georgian house. It was popular in England from approximately 1715 to 1830. The Georgian was a favorite of the wealthy classes because it presented an air of affluence and respectability with its many windows and ornate entrances. The Georgian experienced a revival in the early 1900s, aided by the availability of less costly building materials. In the current age, the Georgian house is within reach of almost any homebuyer.

The Arts and Crafts style of the first twenty years of the 20th century brought in the Craftsman Home style. This style depicted simplicity with strong construction and beauty. Its interior design spoke of refinement and stateliness.

The Ranch style home design is America's most popular home style. Some would say the style is uninteresting, even boring. With four walls, a roof, and no nonessential features or enhancements, the Ranch is a basic style. Remodeling the ranch home can make it stand out from the rest.

Annual snowfall and ice accumulation in some parts of the country is common and adds a substantial amount of weight to the roof causing damage to the roof. While it is important to remove the heavy accumulation of snow and ice so as not to damage the roof or walls and ceiling, it is also wise to hire a professional with the skill, experience, and equipment to perform this dangerous work. This is not a do-it-yourself job.

If your budget permits, it may be time for some of those home improvement projects that you really want to be completed. So, let's review a few of them.

What has become of the den - that small, quiet room in the house where you can go to read, relax, or work? Has the office or living room assumed this role?

The concept behind the vent-free fireplace is quite straightforward.  When you burn gas instead of wood, you create a "smokeless” heat - - one that does not require ventilation, plus all the heat stays inside the home.  A consequence of burning gas in the home however includes, among others, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.

Conventional fireplaces provide atmosphere for the home, but add very little in the way of heat, plus they are costly and take up lots of space.

If you are thinking of selling within the next couple of years, in order to get the maximum amount out of your home, there are a few improvements you can make. Why not get some benefit from them now?

The majority of homeowners say they do not eat their meals in their formal dining rooms.  Many say they eat in their kitchen dining area; others say they eat in the family room or in front of the television.

If your landscaping requires a Versa-Lok retaining wall, you will find them to be attractive, stable, reasonably-priced, and long-lasting.  Mike Fournier with Sonrise Construction can advise you on the design and installation possibilities offered to you.

A well-designed deck provides a place for backyard barbeques and just lounging about. Although you may have the skill and knowledge to build a deck, hiring Mike Fournier at Sonrise Construction is a sure way to get the deck you envision. So, DIY or hiring a professional, it helps to know what to expect before you commence the project.

A wise man (or woman) once said "Every customer expects superior service, excellent quality or workmanship, and a low price. Unfortunately, you can only have 2 of the 3." Can you name something, anything, where you can get all 3? I can't. If you can, please let me know. If you buy a Lexus, Mercedes, Audi,...