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A galley kitchen is usually a narrow area with counters and cabinets on both sides and a walking area between them.   Galley kitchens are generally identified with ships, airplanes, and trains.
If you are working with a small space, the galley kitchen may be your answer.  It is one of the most preferred kitchen designs.  
Even some homeowners with larger kitchens have noticed the benefits of the galley kitchen, how they allow for dining areas and kitchen nooks where there was not room before.
Galley Kitchen Design 101:  For the galley kitchen, the work triangle or the triangular configuration of appliances and fixtures allow for the sink, range, and frig to be easily accessible from the same small space.

Lighten Up:  To give the appearance of more space, select light colors in the paint, appliances, and cabinet material.  A window is also valuable for not only the natural light, but also to increase the air of an open space.  Mirrors can be used as design accents or on the backsplashes to give the added feel of space.

Modify the Shape:  Although the corridor floor plan is standard for galley kitchens, you are not bound to follow that design.  The L and U shaped designs are two plans that allow for maximum space in a small kitchen.  They can also be used in bigger homes where space is not limited to give greater room for dining or entertaining.

Galley Kitchen Design:  Well-organized design plans ensure that you take advantage of every bit of space in your small kitchen while making it convenient.
As your Tulsa General Contractor, Mike Fournier can advise you on your galley kitchen design.  Give him a call or complete the contact form today.


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