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Pergolas & Pavilions

Mike Fournier's Sonrise Construction a Tulsa, Oklahoma Full Service General Contractor, believes customers deserve only the finest in quality for their home outdoor living area enjoyment. This is why we custom build and install stained cedar Pergola's or Pavilions using our skilled carpenters that have many decades of experience with construction projects.

Every stained cedar Pergola or Pavilion is a custom project; designed to fit perfectly into your available outdoor living space. We have built Pergola's and Pavilions next to swimming pools, into and around outdoor fireplaces, next to various portions of homes, patios, and in newly created outdoor living spaces of back yards where nothing previously stood.

Most stained cedar Pergola's and Pavilions are square or rectangular, but we have also built Pergola's and Pavilions with L shapes. The #1 question from customers is: "What is the difference in the two? The answer is simple: Pergola's do not have a roof; but Pavilions do.

Your stained cedar Pergola or Pavilion can be as minimalistic as your budget demands, and it can also be as elaborate as your dreams allow. There are so many things that you can do with your Pergola or Pavilion, and the following might create some word pictures in your mind of what I am talking about.

For stained cedar Pergola's and Pavilions, we start with the posts. We use rough-hewn western red cedar for the posts. These posts are 6x6 (but if you want big beefy looking posts, we will also use 8x8), and will have a height of 8' or 10' , depending on where the structure is to be built on your property. We will not build with 4x4 posts or 4x6 posts, as they are just not strong enough to support the weight of the Pergola or Pavilion. We mount these posts to the new or existing concrete patio using Hurricane strength Hilti fasteners (the same ones used by Tornado shelter installers to make sure the Tornado shelter does not blow away).

For stained cedar Pergola's and Pavilions, we give our customers choices on for how to build theirs:

For the Pergola's, we use: 4x8 headers, 4x6 joists, 4x4 corbels, and 4x4 shade bars. The corbels can be angle cut or curved cut. The joists and shade bars can have a box cut, angle cut, notched cut, reverse notch cut, or curved cut. These pieces of lumber are also available in 2x if budget money is a concern.

For the Pavilions, the first choice are the ends; either gable, or hip, or one of each. Next, we will use: 4x12 headers, 4x6 rafters, 4x8 ridge beams, 4x4 gabled support beams, 4x4 corbels, 2x6 tongue and groove spruce decking. For the roof, we use #30 felt paper and a matching shingle.

Options include tying the Pavilion into the roof line, and installing decorative black powder coated ornamental brackets on the corners.

Additional options include: virtually every customer chooses to have their Pavilion wired for electricity, and we then install LED lighting, ceiling fans, and outdoor GFCI's if also building an outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fireplace. Those are useful for mounting of TV screens, sound equipment, and appliances.

For all Pergola's and Pavilions, you may choose from light (clear), medium, or dark stain. We apply the stain before construction begins.
Sonrise Construction would sincerely love to earn your business to build you a stained cedar Pergola or Pavilion. But, multiple 100's of our customers have also hired us to build them a stained cedar Deck or Composite deck by EverGrain under their Pergola or Pavilion. Others have hired us to build them a stamped concrete patio, or to build an Outdoor Fireplace, or to build a Pizza Oven, or to also build them an Outdoor Kitchen. Your choices for Outdoor Living Areas with stained cedar Pergola's or Pavilions are numerous.

Are you ready for Sonrise Construction to build you a stained cedar Pergola or Pavilion? Or, do you want to talk about it some more? If yes, click now on the Contact Us link, complete the brief questionnaire and we will be in touch with you within one (1) business day to arrange for your complimentary quote! Thank you for your time and consideration!

 Call us today for a free estimate on your Pergolas and Pavilions!  Our stained cedar custom pergolas and pavilions will add to the value and beauty of your home.

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