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Outdoor Fireplaces

Mike Fournier, owner of Sonrise Construction of Tulsa, Oklahoma believes customers deserve only the finest in quality for their outdoor home fireplaces. This is why we only install custom fireplaces using masons with decades of experience using mortared firebrick, then building the fireplace with brick, stone, stucco, or a combination of the three.

Although there are less expensive "kit" fireplaces available, we do not think that the appearance and longevity of most "kit" fireplaces matches anything close to a real custom designed fireplace. Therefore, we do not install "kit" fireplaces; unless it is Belgard. We will however gladly build a Belgard packaged kit fireplace; especially if you are familiar with the product. Here is a link in case that is a consideration: http://www.belgard.com

Options for outdoor fireplaces are numerous. Since each fireplace is a custom, and we have never built any two fireplaces alike, it is impossible for me to provide customers with an exact price quote without first answering 20 questions.

It is quite common for me to answer the "pricing question" with this response: "Your custom outdoor fireplace can range from $8,000 to $22,000, and the real cost depends on how you answer our 20 discovery questions for how you want your fireplace constructed. If you press me for an average price before answering the questions, I will tell you $12,000; but I will still not be able to tell you what is included for that $12,000 until I know the answers to these 20 questions."

1) Do you want brick, or mortared stone, or stucco; or do you want some combination variation of the three?
2) Do you want natural gas plumbed to your firebox?
3) Do you want to burn firewood, or gas logs?
4) Do you want a mantle' If yes, what size?
5) Do you want a raised hearth, or a flush hearth?
6) Do you want a place to store your firewood under your firebox, or beside your firebox, or not at all?
7) Do you want the area above your firebox wired for electricity so that you can mount a TV?
8) How wide and how tall do you want your fireplace?
9) Do you want your fireplace to have a log grate, fireplace tools, and a door or screen?
10) Do you want your chimney to be siding, or do you want it to look like the rest of the fireplace?
11) Do you want a basic black spark arrestor on top of the chimney, or do you want a custom enclosure?
12) Do you have a drainage or sprinkler system that will need to be relocated in the area for your fireplace?
13) Do you want any seating areas next to the fireplace' If yes, what size?
14) Do you want any enclosure walls next to the fireplace' If yes, what size?
15) Have you already selected the type of stone or brick that you want us to use for your fireplace?
16) Because your fireplace will weigh several tons, we will build a foundation that is 2' deep into the ground, 5' wide, and 4' long from front to back to keep it from falling over once construction is completed. The foundation will also be installed with many dozen strands of rebar for proper tensile strength. Will we be able to access the area for the concrete foundation by wheelbarrow, or will we need to remove a fence section?
17) Do you have photos from our website, or from Houzz, or from other sources that you would like your fireplace to look like? If no, do you have your own design for us to use?
18) Do you have current or future plans to add any of the following with your fireplace: Pergola? Pavilion? Patio? Outdoor Living Area? Patio Enclosure? LED Lighting?
19) What is the budget range that you expect your fireplace to be built for? If your expectation is for less than $8,000; then we need to respectfully visit about a firepit, and not a fireplace.
20) What month of the year do you want your fireplace constructed?

Are you ready for Sonrise Construction to build you an outdoor fireplace?

If yes, click on the Contact Us link, complete the brief questionnaire and we will be in touch with you within one (1) business day to arrange for your complimentary quote! Thank you for your time and consideration!

We also specialize in Tulsa home remodeling.  See Sonrise for all yourhome remodel projects.

P.S. For the super-serious; please feel free to print this page of 20 questions, and answer them in whatever amount of detail that you are comfortable with, and then return to me prior to our meeting.