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Stained Cedar Decks or Composite Decks by EverGrain or Trex:

Mike Fournier 's Sonrise Construction of Tulsa, Oklahoma believes customers deserve only the finest in deck quality for their outdoor living area enjoyment. This is why we only install stained cedar decks or composite decks by EverGrain / Trex using our skilled carpenters that have many decades of experience with construction of decks.

Every stained cedar deck or composite deck by EverGrain / Trex is a custom project; designed to fit perfectly into your available outdoor living space. We have built decks around large tree trunks, next to swimming pools, next to various portions of homes, and in newly created outdoor living spaces of back yards where nothing previously stood.

Most stained cedar decks or composite decks by EverGrain / Trex are square or rectangular, but we have also built decks with L shapes, and quite a few decks with octagonal sections.

Your stained cedar deck or composite deck by EverGrain / Trex can be as minimalistic as your budget demands, and it can also be as elaborate as your dreams allow.

There are so many things that you can do with your home deck. We build stained cedar decks or composite decks by EverGrain / Trex with hand rails, with pedestals, and with steps. We can also install decks with the forward trend in carpentry of cabling between pedestals. Plus, decks can be bi-level or tri-level. And decks can have skirting to cover the opening(s) under the deck, plus we can build storage access doors in your skirting too. Another popular option with decks is to have the steps and hand rails installed with low voltage LED lighting in the color light of your choice.

Sonrise Construction, Tulsa's Full Service General Contractor, would sincerely love to earn your business to build you "just" a stained cedar deck or a composite deck by EverGrain / Trex. But, multiple 100's of our customers have also hired us to build them a stained cedar Pergola over their new deck, or to build a stained Cedar Pavilion, or to build a Firepit, or to build an Outdoor Fireplace, or to build a Pizza Oven, or to also build them an Outdoor Kitchen. Your choices for Outdoor Living Areas of enjoyment are numerous.

For your deck choices: We will install smooth western red cedar planks, stained in your choice of three (3) shades; which are light (clear), medium, and dark. To minimize any chance of lumber splitting, we will pre-drill pilot holes, and will affix all cedar planks with screws (not nails). The underneath portion of your deck will be installed with treated lumber. All joists will be hung with joist hangers.

Your other choice for your deck is to use the industry leader for composite decking with EverGrain / Trex deck or with the premium EverGrain / Trex Premium finish. Several colors are available to choose from. Frequently, our customers want to mix colors; meaning the edges will be one color, and the primary deck space will be a second color.

Are you ready for Sonrise Construction to build you a stained cedar deck or composite deck by EverGrain / Trex? Or, do you want to talk about it some more? If yes, click now on the Contact Us link, complete the brief questionnaire and we will be in touch with you within one (1) business day to arrange for your complimentary quote! Thank you for your time and consideration!

We also specialize in Tulsa home remodeling.  See Sonrise for all yourhome remodel projects.