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Tulsa Custom Home Builder

Sonrise Construction, Owner Mike Fournier, Tulsa 's Full Service General Contractor, is a custom home builder, and we do not build in the cartel neighborhoods; not that there is anything wrong with being a member of the cartel. Many of our builder friends are. We here at Sonrise Construction though prefer to be known solely as a "custom" home builder. We want our customers to be able to work with us in making up to 100% of the choices for how they want their home built; something that you can't get if building a cartel home.

We believe that there is definitely a market for spec homes, for track homes, and for the large mega-builder neighborhoods owned and run by the cartel. But, that is not for us. If you own your own lot (or piece of land); then you have just taken the 1st step towards having a custom home built.

Please don't think that a custom home is only for you if you want a million dollar mansion; that is far from the truth. You can have a beautiful custom home built for you for our minimum entry point of $250,000, just like you can if you want your dream home to be $2.5 million. In the simplest term, custom means that YOU the customer choose what goes into your home; and that you are not forced by the builder to choose from his pre-approved list of colors, bricks, and size of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

As a custom home builder, we here at Sonrise Construction have minimum standards that you must allow our subs to adhere to, as our name will forever be attached to your home. Since most customers move every 5-7 years, our home will be standing for many decades after you have left. Building a custom home gives you the customer the control that you need, and that you won't get if you are building a spec home, or a track home, or from a cartel's list of 5 favorite floor plans.

In order for Sonrise Construction to build your dream home, these are the first steps:

1) You own the lot (or piece of land). There are a few cartel neighborhoods (like Forest Ridge in BA) that allow for variances to have a custom home builder (like us) build on one of their lots; but the list is short. For every 10 cartel neighborhoods that do not allow anyone but a cartel builder, you will probably only find 1 of 10 that are willing to grant variances.

There are 100's of Realtors in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will help you find the perfect lot (or piece of land) just for you. I can easily refer you to 36 Realtors that I know and have worked with.

2) Once you own the lot (or piece of land), the next step is do have a design drafted (if you do not already own one). We can build your custom home from a set of blueprints that you purchase on-line; or you can work with one of our local Architects to design your dream home floor plan.

The design phase is daunting, and is where some customers throw in the towel. Many find it easier just to buy an existing home; or to buy a new home from a cartel builder that has narrowed your choice of floor plans down to his 5 favorite floor plans. If this is you, no worries, please pursue that approach.

But, if you seriously want to build a dream home; it can take you many months to search and find not only the perfect lot (or piece of land), and then even longer than that to find the perfect set of blue prints from either an on-line source, or from one of our local Architects.

What is even more frustrating is the cost to modify and on-line plan that you might find. They might sell you the whole plan for $3,000, but then want an additional $5,000 if you want changes done to it.

That is why we recommend hiring one of our local Architects to work with you in designing your perfect dream home. You will know right up front how much it will cost, how long it will take once it is sent to CAD, and that your changes are complimentary once you make it to that stage. It is not uncommon for the planning and design stage to take several months; especially if you are just starting with an idea.

3) After you own the lot (or piece of land), and after you own the blueprints, the next step is for you to get your own construction loan financing. There is no such thing as a custom home builder that "carries" the financing for you. If he is carrying the financing for you, then he is more than likely a member of the cartel, and is building you a spec home, and not a true custom home. That means, if you bug out on him for any reason, then he is the one left holding the debt, and he must finish and sell the home in hopes of not losing money.

We have well over a dozen Bankers that would love to earn your business. If your bank does not specialize in construction loan financing, let one of our Bankers assist you. Our Bankers will request a copy of your blue prints, and will order an appraisal from the blue prints, and will then base your construction loan financing upon the value the appraiser assigns to your blueprints.

4) If you've gotten through the first 3 steps with us, there are still other steps for Sonrise Construction to complete, but we're getting real close. We will then gather permits, gather quotes, line up subs, schedule the scope of work calendar of events, and then ultimately ~ BREAKING GROUND! Wu Hu! Your dream will now unfold in living color.

Sonrise Construction also specializes in Tulsa home remodeling and kitchen remodels.  See Sonrise for all yourhome remodel projects.

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