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Large exterior windows, low-pitched tiled, roof, and stucco or brick siding are characteristics of the Mediterranean house plan.  The Mediterranean design presents a striking appearance with its archways and verandas - marks that promote an air of extravagance without being excessive. The Mediterranean can be one-story or two-story, large or small, and can be customized for any budget.
Mediterranean Home Plan Features  The traditional Tuscan feel is suggested by the extensive window installations, low-pitched roofs, and vaulted ceilings, but there is not one single feature that defines a Mediterranean home plan.  
The Mediterranean’s landscaping is influenced by the mild climate of the Mediterranean area.  Courtyards, swimming pools, gardening, and other landscaping accentuate the openness of the home’s interior.  
Extra Climate Considerations   The Mediterranean house is typically associated with the warmer climates, and is popular in the southern and western parts of the country.  Its lower pitched roof is not effective in draining heavy rain water or snow.  Plus the vaulted ceilings can present challenges in maintaining a constant temperature during the winter months.   So, you can still have a Mediterranean style home in areas that tend to be cooler, just expect to need roof repairs earlier than your neighbors.
Plan on making your Mediterranean house energy-efficient from its construction.  Ensure you have highly-rated insulation and energy-efficient windows.  The Mediterranean house has areas that are subject to heat loss, so these energy installations are a must if you want to keep the utility bill down.  
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