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Protecting your Privacy - Aging in Place Remodeling

In the course of preparing your Aging in Place Remodeling project, Sonrise Construction will be made aware of some personal information and will work diligently to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  In order to accomplish a successful design for your home, such personal information is needed, and will necessitate a HIPAA release form.

You or your Health Care Professional can make recommendations for design; Sonrise Construction can then offer appropriate solutions that will comply with the work that is called for by you or your Health Care Professional.

Be assured, Sonrise Construction will use the best practices and materials that your budget affords.

Our expertise is in the area of remodeling;  therefore, we rely on Health Care Professionals and you, our client, to give us the information that we need in order to make our appropriate recommendations  to make your home A.D.A. Compliant.