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If your budget permits, it may be time for some of those home improvement projects that you really want to be completed.  So, let’s review a few of them.
Replace your kitchen countertops.  The kitchen is the highest-traffic area in your home.  Using the tax refund to upgrade your countertops is a good investment.  A popular choice for today’s home owners is granite.  

Upgrade the bathroom with new flooring.  Following kitchens, the bathroom is the most-remodeled room.  While a total makeover is desirable, if the budget is limited, you might replace the flooring with low-maintenance ceramic tile.  

Spruce up the yard.  Sonrise can advise you on the addition of well-placed shrubs, flower gardens, design, and layout plans, drainage systems, lighting, and plant types.  Other features that provide a fresh look are revamped sidewalks, driveways, fences, and retaining walls.
Decks.  Decks provide a gathering place for family and friends—especially in nice weather.  Consider giving your deck a fresh look by restaining, waterproofing, or adding a built-in bench.  Two other enhancements are a grill island or wood-fire pizza oven.
Paint the interior.  A fresh coat of paint can liven up a room or all of the rooms – use new colors or existing colors – either way, it can dress up the room.
Replace some windows.  Vinyl high-grade windows improve your curb appeal, last for decades, and help to lower energy bills.  They need very little maintenance and are easy to clean.
Add a fireplace.  A direct-vent gas fireplace offers heat while adding a decorative touch.  If your budget permits, a midlevel fireplace is also a desirable addition.
A new vanity or sink.  The elegant, streamlined shape and contemporary design options for bathroom basins and vanities can smarten your bathroom.  And if you want additional storage space, a vanity with built-in shelves and cabinets is an option.
Kitchen Faucets. Updated kitchen faucets can add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.  The new models come with advantages such as temperature presets, built-in resistance to hard-water buildup, and correct height for filling pots and pans.
Garage.  The garage is generally the last place you would think of remodeling.  But some advantages are  built-in cabinetry, a new garage door, or epoxy flooring.  All of which will liven up the space.


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