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What has become of the den — that small, quiet room in the house where you can go to read, relax, or work?  Has the office or living room assumed this role?

Offices are more geared for work and are certainly not connected to relaxation.  Living rooms have too much going on to qualify as a den.  And for the game room, well, don’t even think about that.  So, kitchen and dining room?  Nah.  That pretty much leaves . . . the bathroom.  The bathroom!

Who Needs a Den?  In years past, dens have been associated with masculinity.  In movies and television, men have often been portrayed as going to the den to do the bills or read—sort of an off-limits place to the rest of the family when dad is in his den.  Think bear.
Dens are not just for dads anymore.  A den is a room where dads, moms, and kids can go to be alone.  
Den Décor from the Past  Dark hardwood floors and heavy wood furniture were characteristics of dens in years past.  The den brought up images of a get-away place to relax or have important conversation.  Usually, the den was decorated with the finest furnishings.
Today’s Den  Leave out anything that causes distraction, noise, etc.  Best to leave the television out of the den.
The den should be a room where any member of the household has the privacy and quiet to think clearly and not be disturbed.  Comfortable chairs, an inviting couch, and a desk are called for.  
Reclaim the Den  It’s time to get the exercise equipment and the extra bed out of the den.  Decorate with family portraits and pictures of the grandkids—anything that says pleasure, peace, and quiet.


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