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Aging in place . . . so what is that about?  It is a new building viewpoint that is geared toward designing homes and remodels in order to facilitate the aging population in staying in their homes as long as possible.  It’s even true for me (Mike Fournier), as I no longer want to have anything on the 2nd floor.
Aging in Place is not just for Seniors:  Many homeowners in their 40s and 50s are thinking ahead and opting for homes and living spaces in which they will be able to continue to function as they get older.
Aging in Place Design:  Design for aging in place needs to consider the totality of the home so that an accommodating and convenient environment is achieved.

Suggestions for Aging in Place:  Single Story Living:  The bedroom, bath, and kitchen must be present on the ground floor.  If your home is multi-level, a residential elevator is an important feature.

Stairless Homes and Entryways:  As you age, the less stairs you have to climb, the better.  Additionally, eliminate stairs from your home’s entrance way.  The front door, porch, and entryway need to be as accessible as possible.

Age-Sensitive Remodels:  When remodeling, give careful consideration to areas that have traditionally required bending or standing.  As an example, ovens should be models that do not require you to bend over to remove food.  Kitchen countertops can be installed at varying heights to allow you to stand or sit when using them.  Of course, adequate lighting should be placed over these areas as well.
Other Suggestions:  Rocker switches (a light switch that rocks rather than trips when pressed), door levers or handles offer improved accessibility and safety, rails or handrails for hallways and bathrooms to prevent falls, ample door openings and hallways all through the home are suggestions that you should consider.
Mike Fournier can provide additional helpful recommendations to make your home remodel aging-in-place-friendly.  Call him or complete the contact form today!


Want to talk about it some more?  Would you like a quote for any of these areas?  If yes, send me an e-mail to:, and be sure to mention this blog.  I will be back in touch with you shortly.  Thanks.

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