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Guest rooms are frequently ignored rooms in the house when the owner is considering a remodel.  Living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms get priorityit’s true.  But if you plan to have overnight guests—especially if it’s frequently—it’s time to consider a remodel of your guest room.
Step 1:  Revitalizing Spare Room  What’s the condition of the walls?  Do they need a new paint job?  How about the wallpaper?  Is it from the 1950s?  Painting is relatively easy and inexpensive, plus it produces a fresh, new look.  When selecting new colors, remember that neutral or warm tones are most welcoming.  And for new wallpaper, a soft pattern with a border adds a nice touch to the guest room.

Next, what about the flooring?  The carpet may need to be cleaned or even replaced.  If cleaning is all that is needed, hire a professional carpet cleaner.  Hardwood flooring can be made more comfortable with the addition of a new area rug.
Step 2:  Coordinate a Color Scheme  A unified color design, with comforters, sheets, curtains, drapes, throw pillows, and chairs that are matched add to the style and grace of the guest room.
Step 3:  Increase Guest Room Storage Space  No guest room is complete without storage space for clothing and personal items for your guest.  Closets should provide space for them to hang their clothes.  Drawers should be available for their use as well.  And don’t forget to stock some toiletries and towels—your guest will be appreciative.
Step 4:  Remember Bathroom Access  Does your guest room have convenient bathroom access?  If guests must walk down a hallway to get to the bathroom, a solution may be to add a small bathroom near the guest room, or create a small space within the guest room itself.  Of course, that would demand a greater investment, but your guests will be appreciative.  And they may even stay longer!
If you have frequent house guests, you may want to add a half bathroom.  Another option is a private bath in the guest room which is a convenience that guests will most certainly appreciate.  A benefit would be to reduce the crowding in the existing bathrooms.
Step 5:  Finishing Touches to Complete Your Guest Room  These additions will make your guest feel comfortable:  alarm clock, television, radio, phone, reading lamp, fresh flowers or plants, magazines or books.  These are homey touches that say your guest is welcome.
Consider the touches that you enjoy when you are a guest in someone else’s home.  If your budget permits, implement those conveniences in your guest room plan.  Just a few simple additions, that in some cases are unnecessary, will improve the looks and feel of the guest room.
Mike Fournier, full service general contractor, will be pleased to offer his expertise if you are planning to remodel a guest room.  Call him at 918-357-7777 today. 


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