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A cottage house can be defined as a dense house.  Dense is not a bad thing; it just means more individualized living areas.  You can still have a three bedroom, three bath house with a kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, and home office; it just will not take up your entire lot or your entire budget.
The Many Faces of Cottage Plans  There are English cottages, French cottages, country cottages, even Katrina cottages.  A cottage can be a small home for two, a vacation home, summer home, and even a family home with a dense design.
The Single Face of the Cottage Plan  Overhanging roofs and wraparound porches are often a part of the plan.  Porches extend the living space, and, at the same time, minimize the extent of the building’s structure.  While cottages may be one or two stories, the two-story house can provide the sufficient floor space you need and still maintain the dense visual effect.
Advantages of the Cottage House Plan  The cottage house plan provides for increased energy-efficiency and less expensive  heating and cooling installations.  The compact design of the cottage allows for the backyard space to be utilized for a garden, pond, patio, or other feature of larger homes.
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