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The saltbox style home plan came about when the early colonists needed more space for their growing families.  Generally, the traditional Colonial style home was modified to include a one story addition onto the rear of the house.  The roof was extended to cover the new addition.  These new homes looked like the boxes the colonists used for storing their salt, and that’s how the name came about.
A quick look at Saltboxes  Saltboxes are  two or three stories tall, rectangular in shape, have  tall central chimneys, and have proportioned rows of windows on each floor.  However, the characteristic that defines the Saltbox is the long sloping roof in the back — it comes all the way down to the first floor and provides for additional living space.
Saltbox Simplicity  The Saltbox colonials present a humble look, no ornamentations, almost stark in appearance.
Contemporary Saltbox House Plans  Modern Saltboxes frequently include double car garages, decks, and porches — all of which are a departure from the original form.  The Saltbox can be modified to match the preferences and needs of today’s busy families.
Interested in building a Saltbox home?  Mike Fournier, full service general contractor, will work with you to build the Saltbox style that will fit you and your family.  Call Mike at 918-357-7777; he will be pleased to talk with you.


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