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Reworking a small kitchen space can be a somewhat daunting task.  But one that is worth the effort so that you can have more work space.
When your budget is limited or the space allotted is limited, you still have some alternatives available to you.
Appliances  Stainless steel appliances are popular in many homes today. New appliances not only update the kitchen, they also serve to unify it.
When purchasing or replacing home appliances, remember that it is wise to select ones that have high efficiencies.
For achieving a less cluttered look, opt for built-in ovens, microwaves, and storage space for small appliances.
If you entertain regularly, you may select a kitchen wine refrigerator.  These appliances have room for 12 to 300 wine bottles - ¬Ědepending on the model.  Another option is a countertop fridge which can hold a small number of bottles at a time.
Counter Space  If an area in the kitchen is not occupied with appliances, the area should be devoted to counter space.  
For counter tops, if your budget permits, granite, marble, and stainless steel are popular selections.  If budget is a consideration, laminate is less expensive.  And there are options that fall somewhere in between.
Today's homeowners have the option of combining different materials in the kitchen - for example, marble and granite for handling dough and butcher block for chopping and preparing food.  These materials will create a distinctive look while achieving increased functionality.
Storage  Maximize the number of cabinets in your design.  And arrange them so that there are fewer unnecessary steps required to finish the tasks.  
To get small appliances out of sight, utilize waist-high sliding shelves to hold mixers and toasters.  Utilize build-in storage for potatoes and onions, and the like.  This will get the kitchen a cleaner, less cluttered look.
Roll-Out Pantry  Roll-out pantries are sometimes used to replace closet pantries.  The space needed is about 18 inches wide and 5 1/2 feet tall.  You can pull out to view the contents.  When there is not room for any sort of pantry, a closet outside the kitchen can be converted for storage of fine dinnerware, pots, and other rarely used items.
Lighting  In order to achieve the appearance of a larger and more comfortable space, use under-counter lighting and clean halogen lights.
Sinks  Just because your kitchen is small, you don't have to have a small sink.  Large sinks accommodate those large pots and pans, and they are useful for storing the dirty pots until you get an opportunity to clean them thoroughly.  An added bonus is they can be used as a utility sink.

Here are additional suggestions to improve efficiency of your kitchen:
- A wire basket installed on the back of the cabinet door or under the sink is a convenient place to hold trash bags or other regularly used items.
- If you regularly enjoy a cup of tea or instant coffee, you may find it convenient to mount an instant hot water heater on the sink.  Such a device can be installed instead of the sprayer or soap.
- A tile back splash on the walls above the counters, stove, and sink can improve the look of the kitchen, while making it easier to clean.
- Cabinet and drawer knobs are simple and affordable, so why not change them out to give the kitchen a new look.  Many designs are available, so you can add them to express your personal style.
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