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Some would say that Victorian homes are the embodiment of excess.  They are known for soaring spires, elaborate woodwork, unusual house plans.  If you consider yourself to be practical, this may not be the style for you.  However, if you are ready for a house that will bring traffic down your street to admire its beauty, the amazing Victorian home style may a perfect fit.
Here are some defining characteristics of a Victorian home.
Gothic Revival  This style is inspired by medieval European architecture with soaring, luxuriant stone cathedrals, and intricately ornamented castles.  Gothic Revival style homes project a formal, eerie look.  Think Addams family house.
Italianate  Italianate architecture is characterized by masonry construction, pillars, arches, and expansive floor plans.  These homes are reminiscent of the villas of ancient Rome.
Second Empire   This style is identified by its commanding appearance. It features a tall, rectangular tower topped with an iron railing.  Generally, they have sheer sloping roofs, elaborate decorations and carvings around doors, windows, dormers, and entryways.
Queen Anne  This style is a spin-off of the Second Empire style.  It is acknowledged more for its excess than any other trait.  Sprawling structures, multiple octagonal towers, wrap around porches are common characteristics of Queen Anne homes.  In the late 19th century, these homes were often painted in bright, pastel colors.
Gingerbread   An elaborate style, Gingerbread is identified by its complex wood carvings around windows, doors, porches, and dormers.  The detailed craftsmanship lends to a fairy-tale like appearance.
Victorian Homes Today  This style is still having an influence on homes today—even modest homes.  A home may have an irregular floor plan, sheer roofs, and a wrap-around porch to project Victorian originality.  So, simple or castle, Victorian homes are charming.
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