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Substantial damage to your home can be caused by these silent and out of sight dangers:  mold, pests, old windows, leaky toilets, carbon monoxide.
How thorough was the inspection that your home received prior to your purchase?
Your home inspection did not include a check for asbestos, radon, lead, or toxic mold and/or pests—unless you paid for it.  These contaminants can cause significant damage to your house and even your health.
If you think that contaminants are present in your home, it is wise to consult with a specialist who will be able to detect the contaminants and determine the appropriate actions to eliminate them.
According to home experts, it is a good idea to replace your windows every 25 years.  Though this is expensive, the benefits of replacing the windows can be a deciding factor.
New windows enhance to look of your home.  If you ever decide to sell, appraisers and potential buyers may find the windows to be a plus—improved home values.
Additionally, new windows are an investment in the comfort of your home.  If the old windows are single-pane, drafty, inadequately insulated, prone to condensation, and even inoperable, new windows are an answer.
New windows improve your home’s efficiency with the benefit of reduced utility bills.  The payback period on the investment may take years to realize, but the immediate benefits are improved look, comfort, and efficiency.  
Is your water heater older than 10 years, not heating efficiently, or needing constant repairs, you should consider replacing it.  A new water heater costs under $1,000, so if you are spending $516 for repairs, it is probably better to replace instead of repair.
When considering whether to replace or repair, as reported by the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 14,000 fires are caused each year by improper dryer ventilation and maintenance.  The source of many fires can be traced to lint accumulation.  In addition to cleaning out the dryer’s lint trap, you should also clean out the dryer’s exhaust vent.  The exhaust vent leads from your dryer to the outside of your house.  Lint can build up over time and cause the airflow to be restricted, thereby causing an increase in temperatures in the dryer—with the result an increased fire danger.

Termites are definitely on the list of things that cause damage to homes.  Many times, you will not know you have them until they are well established.  If your area is prone for termites or you think your house may have termite damage, a pest specialist can advise you on what to do to protect your home.
Water leaks account for an average of 10,000 gallons of wasted water each year.  You could fill a swimming pool!  A constantly running toilet can result in 200 or more gallons of water per day going down the drain.  That amounts to 73,000 gallons of water.  It may be down the drain but it adds to your water bill.  A plumber can fix your water leak.
Carbon monoxide (CO) can cause sudden illness and death.  An easy solution is to install a carbon monoxide detector and ensure the correct function of your gas, oil, or charcoal burning appliances.

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