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A contemporary house plan is distinctive.  While difficult to describe, they usually include irregular or unusual shapes, perhaps open floor plans, oversized windows.  Though they are not for everybody, they are a perfect fit for the right homeowner.  Contemporary house owners would not ever want to live in ranch style home.
Efficiently Non-Efficient, New Technology  The contemporary house often has the most up-to-date energy-saving features.  However, its structural design is sometimes non-efficient.  The newer technologies allow for energy efficiency in the contemporary house architectural designs.  Consideration should be given to the type of roof and the direction of the roof.  Additionally, solar panels can increase energy efficiency.

Efficiently Efficient, Concrete Home  One of the contemporary house plans that is an efficient design is the concrete home.  An exterior decorative concrete provides a striking presentation, and the interior concrete with its smooth surface offers an inviting display that is not generally expected with concrete.  Concrete homes are energy efficient and amazingly durable.
Choosing an Architect  When selecting the architect for your contemporary home plan, consult with two or more.  Pay close attention to their catalog of contemporary home plans to determine that your ideas and their ideas of the contemporary home design are in sync.

The contemporary house design is generally a customized house plan.  It is usually distinct and unique, a one-of-a-kind.  Since it is customized, you need to stay engaged in the project, not taking a hands-off approach.  You want to be satisfied with the final product. 
Mike Fournier, full service general contractor, is available to discuss contemporary house plans and to help you with the house of your dreams.  Call him at 918-357-7777.


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