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Simplicity is the way a country house is frequently described.  They are traditional, and usually symmetrical, but never showy or ostentatious.  The brand new country home has the air of having been built long ago.  Wood and chipped stone suggest a timeless feel.  So, trendy home plans can be an enticement, but what you really may want is a simple country home.
Architectural Features  The country home usually has a front or back porch┬Łeven a wraparound porch.  Porches speak of a relaxed atmosphere with family, friends, neighbors.  Who doesn't enjoy a pleasant afternoon visiting with friends on the porch?
The common roof design for the country home is a gabled roof with symmetrical dormers.  Generally, the country home is two-story due to the steeply-pitched roof, although it can be a one-story home.  And, a straightforward and welcoming posture is suggested with the roof being parallel to the road.
Country homes are usually in the . . .  country, so they can be set back from the road.  A long driveway and walkway is generally part of the house plans.  The first thing visitors will notice is the driveway which can be designed to highlight the rustic ambiance of the home.
French Country Home Plan  The French country house plan includes several of the same characteristics of the country house plan, while adding archways, delicate stonework or stucco.  Windows that are multi-sided, or even bay windows, lend a softer line to the home.  Balconies or second-story verandas suggest the feeling of a French chateau.  The French country house plan offers a touch of sophistication to the basic country home plan.
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