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Spanish colonials, common in America's desert Southwest area, are very popular and recognized for their feeling of warmth and tradition.  
A Brief History Lesson  The Spanish Colonial Revival that occurred at the beginning of the 20th century gave rise to homes that are generally referred to as Spanish Colonials.  Predominately Spanish building styles were combined with features of Pueblo, Mission, and Mediterranean building styles.

How to Spot Them  Spanish colonial homes are recognized for their southwestern charm, warmth, and tradition.  Here is a list of characteristics.
  • Stucco exteriors
  • Red terra cotta roofing shingles on a low pitched or flat roof
  • A single story home with a rectangular or L shaped floor plan
  • Interior or exterior courtyards
  • Arched doors, windows and porch entrances
  • Tall, double hung windows
  • Carved doors
  • Patterned tile walls and floors  

Where to Find Them  California, the Southwest, Texas, and Florida are areas where Spanish colonials are common.  These are areas that were previously under Spanish or Mexican control.  The tougher concrete stuccoes and roofing tiles make Spanish colonials more practical for those climates, but they can be found across the United States also. 
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