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Room additions can be economical if you want to stay in your current home and just want to make some improvements to custom tailor your home to fit your needs or desires. Room additions can be major projects, so it is important that you give consideration to the practical and financial aspects.

Set a Budget for your Room Addition

Answering these questions is important at the beginning of the project. What can you afford to spend?  Do you have savings that you will devote to the project? Are you willing to borrow and how much? Can you afford monthly payments?

Some financing options are home equity loans, home equity lines of credit, and 2nd mortgages.  Take the time to fully understand the terms of the agreements and, of extreme importance, make sure you will be able to pay when the installment payments commence.

A Room Addition is an Investment

After arriving at your budget, determine if the addition you are considering is wise with your home.  If you plan to move, eventually, you should look to recover the cost of adding the room when you sell the house.

If your project involves a major addition to the house with its accompanying cost, you will most likely expect to recover the cost when you sell.  Take into consideration the style of homes in your neighborhood. If the addition you are going to add is not in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood, you might be better off to move. If the project is a simple remodel of kitchen or bath, or the addition of a family room, this will increase the value of your home and you can expect to get a return when you sell.

Preparing Basic Room Addition Plans

So, once you've set your budget and concluded that you addition is a prudent undertaking, now it is time to determine the specifics. Do you need extra room and how much? Is there room on the property for the addition you propose? Will the new living spaces work well with the existing floor plan? Sketch out your idea, then call Sonrise Construction to schedule a meeting.

Have Confidence in your Contractor

Once you have selected Sonrise Construction for your project, be assured that we will use only professional tradesmen to complete the job. Our years of experience have equipped us to complete the job to your satisfaction.

As your general contractor, Mike Fournier is as close as your phone so he can answer any question that you have. Or, you can complete the contact form, and Mike will be back to you.

Want to talk about it some more? Would you like a quote for any of these areas? If yes, send me an e-mail to:, and be sure to mention this blog. I will be back in touch with you shortly. Thanks.