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The reigns of England's four King Georges gave rise to the Georgian house.  It was popular in England from approximately 1715 to 1830.  The Georgian was a favorite of the wealthy classes because it presented an air of affluence and respectability with its many windows and ornate entrances.  The Georgian experienced a revival in the early 1900s, aided by the availability of less costly building materials.  In the current age, the Georgian house is within reach of almost any homebuyer.
A Blueprint for Success  The Georgian's trademark features are:  A square, symmetrical layout that includes evenly spaced sash windows on each floor.  Generally, there are five windows on the upper floors, frequently a Palladian window in the center over the door.  There are two to three stories and a chimney on each end of the house.  The front door is large and paneled, usually topped with an arch.  To the sides of the door are pedestals or columns.  Brick is the traditional building material although some Georgians are wood sided in America, and the windows are white trimmed.  Some of these features may be present in the modern Georgian house plan, and as with any style, you can expect variations.
Image  The Georgian architecture portrays a strong sense of tradition, history, and rank.  For those reasons, the Georgian is still one of the most admired and long-lasting housing styles in today's market.
If a Georgian is your style, Mike Fournier will be pleased to answer any question you may have about the design.  Call him at 918-357-7777.


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