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If you are thinking of selling within the next couple of years, in order to get the maximum amount out of your home, there are a few improvements you can make.  Why not get some benefit from them now?

Kitchens that are updated are a huge selling point and may well add to the value of your home.  New countertops, cabinets, and appliances are attractive to homebuyers.  And you can enjoy them now, yourself!
Update that 1950s bathroom with new flooring and new countertops.  Once you remodel the bathroom, you may decide your house is just what you want!

Flooring, well, it just gets walked on.  What condition are the floors in?  Updating or replacing the flooring with high-quality flooring—the flooring you’ve always wanted—will make the home more comfortable for you and will let potential buyers see that you value your home.

Curb appeal . . . how many times do we hear that.  The exterior of the home is the first thing everybody notices and importantly, prospective buyers.  New siding, new paint, new driveway, new garage door, or new landscaping—all contribute to the attractiveness and resale value of the home.
If you know you're going to need to update your furnace, central air, add insulation, or new windows in order to market your home, why not make the improvements now so you can realize some of the benefit?  Older homes with single-pane windows, insufficient insulation, or inefficient HVAC system affect the utility bills as well as the comfort of the home.  Buyers may well ask for these improvements, so making them now may be to your advantage.
Making some of these improvements now means you will get the enjoyment of them and they may well enable you to add to the asking price of the home.  Who knows, with all these improvements, this may be your dream home.

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