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Install a Masonry Fireplace:  Your property value will increase with the installation of a masonry fireplace.  Family and friends will enjoy time spent around the fireplace.  And of course the fireplace will last as long as you own your house and beyond!
Refinish Cabinets:  Cabinet refinishing can add fresh, new visually appealing look to any kitchen.  And it will not cost a huge sum of money.
Solar Water Heater:  Solar water heaters are environmentally-friendly and can save on the monthly water bill.  A solar water heater installation can run around $4,500.  
Build a Closet:  A closet, yes a closet, lowers clutter, adds to the salability, and can even boost property value.  After all, we all want more storage space.
Wood Floor Refinishing:  Wood floors are attractive and durable.  Refinishing wood floors will reveal fresh wood and can make your floor look new again.
Mike Fournier will be happy to answer any questions you have about your home remodel.  

Want to talk about it some more? Would you like a quote for any of these areas? If yes, send me an e-mail to:, and be sure to mention this blog. I will be back in touch with you shortly. Thanks.


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