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Annual snowfall and ice accumulation in some parts of the country is common and adds a substantial amount of weight to the roof - -  causing damage to the roof.  While it is important to remove the heavy accumulation of snow and ice so as not to damage the roof or walls and ceiling, it is also wise to hire a professional with the skill, experience, and equipment to perform this dangerous work.  This is not a do-it-yourself job.

Winter Roof Damage  Interior heat from the house can cause ice and snow to produce water leaks.  When water from melting ice on the roof is trapped, it can create an ice dam on the roof, gutters, and downspouts.  Ice dams can cause water to back up and pour into your house causing interior water damage.

Using a regular snow shovel to remove excessive snow from the roof in order to prevent roof damage can cause damage to the shingles.  Rock salt or calcium chloride may also damage shingles.  If the shingle manufacturers warn against this, you may void your warranty.
Gutters, Flat Roofs, and Possible Ice Damage  Ice in gutters and downspouts is almost impossible to remove without damaging the roof or harming the gutters.  Have your gutters cleaned regularly to lessen the risk of having them clogged with ice.
When drains freeze on flat roofs, water can become trapped on the roof.  If it accumulates at a level higher than the roof flashings, the result is a water leak.  In order to remedy the issue, the downspout may need to be removed, and physically opening the drain to create a discharge.
Skylights  Ice and snow that covers skylights can also cover their "weep holes". The result is a water leak. Make sure the professional you hire knows there are skylights.  If they are covered, it may not be evident that they are there, and you want to avoid damage in the process of snow and ice removal.
Repairing Existing Roof Damage  Water marks on the ceilings or walls of your house means the damage is already done.  The cost of a minor asphalt shingle roof repair if approximately $775.  If there is extensive ice damage that calls for roof replacement, the cost can run from $5,000 to $50,000 for a new asphalt roof.
Mike Fournier, full service home contractor, has the expertise to advise you regarding any issue you have with your roof.  Call him at 918-357-7777 to arrange a consultation.


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