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Who doesn't like to spend a day painting a wall?  Yes, we all know it can be messy, boring, and tiring.  But it's pretty simple and most people can do it without tons of training.  Corners, edges, and trim can be a bit tricky, but you can get the hang of it.  Adding a new coat of paint can add style, and even add value to the home.  Specialty painting is one way of making your house stand out.
Specialty Painting Services:  These contractors are proficient in the art of decorative painting.  They are so much more than just painters.  Generally, they have extensive training and credentials.  Many possess multiple college degrees, strong art education, solid background in interior design, and even experience in theatrical set construction.  Their services are likely to cost more and take longer than a painter, but the end product will be unique.
False Impressions:  The most popular form of specialty painting is faux finishes.  It's all about imitation.  The goal is to make ordinary drywall look like another material.  New walls can be made to look like historic antiques.  You can achieve the look of marble floors, ceiling, or walls by the swirl on any surface which gives it the appearance of being marbleized.  Gilding with gold or any other metal can give a look of wealth and extravagance.  If the look of wallpaper appeals to you, delicate stripes and streaks can present that effect and is less costly than the real thing.
Get Textured:  Textures, another form of specialty painting, can give your walls an alive feel.  Glazes can be applied over the basecoat and then skillfully worked to produce specific patterns, such as, zigzags or granulated effects.  If the look of parchment, wood grains, or diluted color-washes is your goal, you can have it.  Additionally, specialty painting professionals are expert in removing textures that you no longer desire. 
Decorative Painting:  Some of the techniques just presented can be accomplished by you, if you are handy.  The more complex textures and patterns demand drawing and conceptual design skills that are best left to a professional.
Murals:  Why not turn your wall or ceiling into a canvas?  You can have beautiful frescoes or even graffiti to add to the ambiance of your home.  Murals are somewhat expensive at approximately $25 to $50 per square foot, and they certainly set a distinctive air to a house.
Trompe L'Oeil:  French for "deceive the eye," this is a remarkable technique that creates the illusion of objects, causing them to appear three-dimensional.  Theaters sometimes use this technique to make the room appear larger.  Structures, latticework, pillars, doorways and windows are just a few of the objects that are portrayed in photographically realistic detail.
3-D:  This technique creates the illusion of depth in an image by use of perspective and vanishing points on a flat surface.
Stenciling and Stamping:  Borders and patterns that are simple or elegant, single-color or multi-layered can be achieved with the use of a templates. 
Prep Steps:  Your starting point can be to have a photo or sketch of the desired look that you want to achieve and which rooms are to be involved.  The techniques you select should complement your home's décor and color scheme.  Next, take a realistic look at your budget and how long you expect the project to take.  Remember, a little decorative painting goes a long way and too much can be too much!  
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