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Design Planning

Why Do I Need a Hardscape or Landscape Plan?

This is a very commonly asked question from many of our customers.

Hardscape and Landscape plans are far more involved than just deciding which plants to  purchase and where to plant them.  Today's approach to designing utilizies a bevy of ideas (not just plants); including hardscaping, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, decks, Pergola's, Pavilions, patios, walkways, swimming pools, and ponds, as well as plants and other  gardening additions. If your goal is a beautiful back yard, then solid planning, and the services of a designer, are definitely worth the  investment and time they require.

Ideas: One of the most important reasons it's  important to develop plans before you visit the local nursery is that there are more aspects to designing than most homeowners realize.  The possibilities are literally staggering. Gazebos, ponds, decks, Pergola's, kitchens, fireplaces, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, landscape lighting, decks, patios, retaining walls, pathways, irrigation, drainage, swimming pools, spas, trellises, awnings, and fencing are just scraping the surface of what your options are when it comes to designing.

An Extension of Your Home: It's a long list, and hopefully it  gives you a general idea of what goes into solid planning and the things you'll want to consider incorporating into your general design. Remember,  landscaping isn't just trees and bushes. It's an extension of your home. And if  it's done correctly, with the help of an experienced professional to provide you with ideas and to make sure they are implemented correctly, your outdoors can be an area of your residence you'll want to spend time in just as much, or more, than your indoors.

Hiring a Hardscape/Landscape Designer: Whether you hire a contractor to implement all your plans for you, or if you are just looking for some consultation before you start a project yourself, talking to a professional about plans is an absolute must.  Not only can they provide you with valuable ideas, but they can offer you sound advice as to how to install, integrate, and design your outdoor to enhance your enjoyment of it. Take irrigation, for instance. It might seem like a minor aspect of landscape design, but installing an irrigation system that  makes use of sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, automated timers, and incorporates all these into proper garden placement and design, can take the  work and time out of maintaining your landscaping almost altogether.

That's just an example of what planning can do for you. From deck design, to lighting options, to attractive pathways and sitting areas, a designer can transform your yard from a boring, laborious time drain,  into an impressive and attractive addition to your home. To get the most of your plans, talk to a professional contractor (me) today about designing the best plans for your property.