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The Arts and Crafts style of the first twenty years of the 20th century brought in the Craftsman Home style.  This style depicted simplicity with strong construction and beauty.  Its interior design spoke of refinement and stateliness.
Authentic Craftsman Homes  The 1904 edition of "The Craftsman” heralded the start of the publishing of Craftsman Home and Craftsman style furniture.  Gustav Stickney was a design leader, a publisher, and the chief proponent for the Craftsman style.  Due to his publishing of the architectural plans, these homes were built for the middle class.  By the conclusion of Stickney’s leadership, 241 Craftsman homes were designed, 221 of them being published.  The options for the authentic Craftsman homes were numbered 1 through 221.
The Craftsman Style  Craftsman designs are customized to the individual sites.  Building materials are utilized from the local region—all geared to point to the natural features of the outside.  Recessed porches, terraces, pergolas, and entrance ways accent the natural surroundings as well.  The Craftsman house shows the honesty and simplicity of a genuinely American house.  The low-pitched, gabled roof, and recessed porches are marks of the Craftsman.
The Craftsman home style has been acclaimed as one of the most inspired, economical, and beautiful styles in American architecture.  Having stood the test of time, they depict simplicity, environmental awareness, plus comfort.  
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