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The Ranch style home design is America's most popular home style.  Some would say the style is uninteresting, even boring.  With four walls, a roof, and no nonessential features or enhancements, the Ranch is a basic style.  Remodeling the Ranch home can make it stand out from the rest.
Major or Minor  If you are looking to do a major home remodel or a small home remodel, here are some aspects of your ranch home that you can consider.
Exterior Landscaping  Flower gardens, rock gardens, stepping stone paths, and new trees and shrubs can draw attention away from the structure of the house.  An extraordinary landscape pulls focus away from an ordinary house.
Siding  New siding offers the option of giving a lift to the Ranch style.  A new paint job or cedar shingles will also enliven the Ranch.  Some small stone or brick accents add texture and appeal.
Porches, Decks, and Patios  Mike Fournier with Sonrise Construction can guide you in the addition of these types of additions and remodels.  Porches, decks, and patios add not only to the landscaping but also to the character of the Ranch, and your enjoyment too.

Windows  For your Ranch remodel, the addition of larger windows will provide more light and better views.  Bay windows, picture windows, French doors can give the Ranch a totally different look and create an appeal.
Re-Imagine Your Ranch  If your budget permits, adding a second story, raising the roofline, gabled dormers, covered entryways - - all set your Ranch apart from the rest.
Your Ranch may be in a neighborhood addition that is all ranch style homes.  You can compare your house to those around you by driving by it - - from both directions.  Take a walk and view it as compared to houses around you and across the street.  Give yourself an honest assessment.

Let's Talk  There are several ways to set your Ranch apart from the rest.  Call me, Mike Fournier, at 918-357-7777.  From my years of experience, I can give you some ideas in addition to the ones already discussed above.  


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