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A Tuscan kitchen offers the appeal of old world Italy.  With its understated color scheme, a Tuscan kitchen presents decorating ideas for you to consider for your kitchen.  
Walls and Counters:
Achieving the worn look is accomplished with texture; utilizing a joint compound that produces a physical wall texturing.  Another technique that will achieve a similar look is the faux painting technique.  This entails sponging a darker shade over a lighter shade of paint.  The result is the look of texture and a faded look, precisely what a Tuscan style kitchen calls for.
Tuscan kitchens look great with a natural stone counter.  Today, many homeowners are opting for travertine stone, and whichever type of stone you select, a softer look will be most attractive in your Tuscan kitchen.  Be sure to select a stone that can survive the spills and routine activities of your kitchen.
Tuscan kitchen colors are most generally in a solid, muted color.  Bright shades simply do not achieve the worn look, so select the softer, toned-down colors.
Wrought iron metal is a frequent choice for the Tuscan kitchen decorating accents.  Any kitchen accent can be done in wrought iron.
Tuscan kitchen design is quite similar to the cottage style kitchen with their openness and practicality.  Many Tuscan kitchens utilize canisters for storing frequently used cooking ingredients.  And, of course a wooden bowl for fruits or nuts adds to the charm of the kitchen.  
If you have questions about a Tuscan kitchen, Mike Fournier will be pleased to provide the answers!  Give him a call or complete the contact form.

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