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Making an Assessment - Aging in Place

When Sonrise Construction does a new or retrofit construction, we will conduct a review to record the details regarding the existing space, an evaluation of the client’s needs, wants, and preferences.  After that, we will assess the living space as it relates to the changes needed.

We will identify and work with the decision maker(s).  This may be a spouse, a trusted companion, an adult child, guardian, case manager, or health care professional.

After Sonrise determines the changes that are needed, we will establish a budget for the project.  And we will work to prioritize the portions of the project.  We will work to show the cost of the project as compared to an assisted facility or nursing home.  Sonrise will also make suggestions regarding funding options that may be available.

Last, Sonrise is familiar with the recently developed products for home use as well as the service and use, dependability, or cost/value of new and existing products.