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7 Mistakes that smart people make

Remodeling Budgets Increasing in 2017

Recently Light Stream; lending department of Suntrust Bank, gave 3,200 homeowners a survey and 59% of the home owners polled said they plan to spend money in 2017 on residential remodeling.

Light Stream started polling homeowners in 2014 with this most recent survey rating as the highest percentage of monies being spent.

Outdoor remodel, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pergolas is the number one most popular project that 41% of homeowners are excited to spend their money on.  Most polled in 2017 (42%) could spend upwards of $5000 on their project while 23% could allot to spend $10,000 or more. 69% of Millennial's (18-34) say they plan to do remodeling in the year 2017 which is an increase of 25% from 2014.
Gen X'ers (35-44) is a whopping 72% and baby boomers (55-64) are also in the mix with remodeling projects however their overall plans to spend for remodeling has dropped by 11% since recent years. 

Most homeowners save for home renovations projects however home equity line of credit, credit card use & investments have steadily increased over the years from 6% - 29%.
If you have any questions with remodeling and/or the financing part please call us or visit our websites.  We work with bankers who can help make your remodeling dreams a reality.

What can we remodel for you?

Making an Assessment - Aging in Place

When Sonrise Construction does a new or retrofit construction, we will conduct a review to record the details regarding the existing space, an evaluation of the client’s needs, wants, and preferences.  After that, we will assess the living space as it relates to the changes needed.

Categories of Design - Aging in Place

Designing for accessibility for persons who are aging in place, who have suffered trauma, or who have progressive disease generally is described as:  Universal, Adaptable, Accessible, and Visitable.

Protecting your Privacy - Aging in Place Remodeling

In the course of preparing your Aging in Place Remodeling project, Sonrise Construction will be made aware of some personal information and will work diligently to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  In order to accomplish a successful design for your home, such personal information is needed, and will necessitate a HIPAA release form.

The Need for Aging in Place Remodeling

Most of the 121,000,000 homes in the United States have been constructed without consideration for Universal Design or accessibility.  Universal Design refers to wide-ranging concepts intended to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to older people, and people with or without disabilities.

Custom Home Builder

We are a custom home builder.  We at Sonrise Construction prefer to be known exclusively as a "custom" home builder.  We want our customers to be able to work with us in making up to 100% of the choices for how they desire their home to be built.

Stained Cedar Decks or Composite Decks by EverGrain

Mike Fournier’s Sonrise Construction of Tulsa only installs stained cedar decks or composite decks by EverGrain.   Our skilled carpenters have several decades of experience with deck construction.  We believe our customers are entitled to the best in deck quality for their outdoor living area.

Design Planning

Why Do I Need a Hardscape or Landscape Plan?


Room additions can be economical if you want to stay in your current home and just want to make some improvements to custom tailor your home to fit your needs or desires. Room additions can be major projects, so it is important that you give consideration to the practical and financial aspects.

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