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Colonial homes are patterned after the homes built by America's first European settlers. The style dates back to the English building styles of medieval times. Consisting of a two story, square, or rectangular house with steep, gabled roofs, the colonial has a large central door, a central chimney and fireplace. The home's rooms are off of an interior hallway. Other house designs are based off this basic pattern and are still in demand today.

A cottage house can be defined as a dense house.  Dense is not a bad thing; it just means more individualized living areas.  You can still have a three bedroom, three bath house with a kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, and home office; it just will not take up your entire lot or your entire budget.

A contemporary house plan is distinctive.  While difficult to describe, they usually include irregular or unusual shapes, perhaps open floor plans, oversized windows.  Though they are not for everybody, they are a perfect fit for the right homeowner.  Contemporary house owners would not ever want to live in ranch style home.

Some would say that Victorian homes are the embodiment of excess. They are known for soaring spires, elaborate woodwork, unusual house plans. If you consider yourself to be practical, this may not be the style for you.  However, if you are ready for a house that will bring traffic down your street to admire its beauty, the amazing Victorian home style may a perfect fit.

Guest rooms are frequently ignored rooms in the house when the owner is considering a remodel.  Living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms get priorityit's true.  But if you plan to have overnight guestsespecially if it's frequentlyit's time to consider a remodel of your guest room.

Simplicity is the way a country house is frequently described. They are traditional, and usually symmetrical, but never showy or ostentatious. The brand new country home has the air of having been built long ago. Wood and chipped stone suggest a timeless feel. So, trendy home plans can be an enticement, but what you really may want is a simple country home.

Large exterior windows, low-pitched tiled, roof, and stucco or brick siding are characteristics of the Mediterranean house plan.  The Mediterranean design presents a striking appearance with its archways and verandas - marks that promote an air of extravagance without being excessive. The Mediterranean can be one-story or two-story, large or small, and can be customized for any budget. 

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