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After our initial meeting to determine your wants, needs, and/or hardscaping dreams; we will provide you with a basic scope of work quote. The form we use for these quotes is similar to the sample PDF file that is attached for viewing or printing.

Your specific quote will outline your scope of work, timing, and pricing; examples: a French drain, a sprinkler system, an outdoor fireplace, a pergola, etc.

The last paragraph of the quote form shows your choices: Yes or Maybe.

Yes means you request us to draw up a formally written Agreement, at no cost to you, so that you can sign to authorize you hiring us.

Maybe means that we didn't get your quote exactly right the 1st time, and you would like for us to try again with listed changes or modifications that you request, and that a new quote be resubmitted for your review and consideration.

Click here to download sample form in PDF format. Checkout out our Tulsa Pergola page!