Custom Carpentry - for kitchen or bathroom remodeling or bath remodel in Tulsa Ok

Tulsa General Contractor, Home Remodels from Sonrise Construction

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Custom Carpentry

Our carpenters are skilled craftsman with many decades of experience. We believe in bucking the building trend of using manufactured products by a machine in a foreign country. We prefer building your custom project with wood that is crafted by hand in our shop, and in your home. We believe you deserve to have your project completed and installed by using a true artisan, gifted in their craft. Sonrise Construction, Owner Mike Fournier, Tulsa 's Full Service General Contractor

When completed; your joints will match, your wood will be straight, your holes will be covered, your grains will be noticed (if you choose not to paint), and your eyes will marvel at the attention to detail that our craftsmen achieved on your project.

It doesn't matter if it is a bookcase, or a mantel, or lockers for your mud room, or beams for your living room ceiling; if you hire Sonrise Construction, your Full Service General Contractor, for a custom carpentry project, you are guaranteed the finest in return.

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